As I enter my third decade as a teacher, I am grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned from my students. Each person’s experience of music is special and unique to them, and so I am continually surprised. Children, adult beginners, accomplished yet frustrated, semi-pro or aspiring professional, each brings their own challenges and delights.

Teaching classical and jazz, reading and improvisation, I am struck at the longing for balance that we all share. I’ve learned the best music is created on equal footing of the left and the right brain. Intuition and intellect both engaged, listening deepens, music happens.

I would like to acknowledge my teachers; Alan Pasqua, Terry Riley, Allaudin Mathieu, Art Lande, Pandit Pran Nath, Marilyn Thompson, Margaret Rowell and Madi Bacon.

Steve has developed a unique and effective approach to piano instruction. Deeply grounded in the classical tradition and the spirit of jazz improvisation, the result is a fluency and freedom of expression in this great language we call music.”
— Chuck Sher (Sher Music Co.)

Steve Rubardt is a most remarkable piano teacher. He completely understands the structure, art, and philosophy of jazz piano and is able to effectively communicate that understanding to his students. He keeps the lessons fresh, relevant, and interesting and has continuously added to my ability to understand and play jazz piano. I look forward to my weekly sessions which continue to enrich my life.”
— Joaquin J. Sanchez, Ph.D